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I’m a modern medicine woman, wayshower, human potential coach & educator. I help people who choose to make a change in life, who desire to experience a life with more fulfilment and expression and choose to work through what’s in the way. I am of service to help you cultivate a life feeling connected, inspired, loving who you are, what you do and how to bring your LIGHT out even more. I’m here to ILLUMINATE your path of living this connection, where magick and the extraordinary is in everyday.

I live and embrace a life guided by Spirit and the way of the Dao, I endeavor to inspire people to awaken this connection within themselves, living this connection in alignment with their day to day.


My offerings are inspired by Eastern and sacred philosophies which promote acknowledging Spirit and the body, mind, & soul relationship in order to have more connection and harmony in life.

No matter where we are in life and what we are doing, it's good to stop and check in with ourselves, maybe even smell the roses - can you accept the invitation to actually listen to your heart's desires?
The more we are willing to explore within, the more we work alongside with nature and learn to go with the flow, then the more we can re-connect with the essence of our being and live harmoniously.

This kind of inner exploration can be a truly deep experience, but only if you welcome it. When we work together, one thing you can always expect is that there are no prerequisites, judgments or barriers. I will meet you where you are.

Start Living Life

As Your True Self

energy healing reiki seichim

Energy Healing

ENERGY MEDICINE | Reiki & seichim

Energy healing has been around since the beginning of time across cultures, it encourages overall healing and effects the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of being. The language at the ‘soul level’ is that of energy and thus healing and getting to the core of dis-ease happens at the energetic level of being. Shamanic Healing means that we invite Spirit and our guides to facilitate the process which may include hands on healing, various medicine tools such as shamanic rattles, drums, crystals and use of sound and toning.

Spiritual Reading

shamanic journey | SPIRIT MEDICINE

Take the first door into the healing process, nothing more than just the path to making oneself whole and healthy again from the dis-eases in life. Book this session if you’d like to experience how I work and/or before committing to a healing session. You can be guided by the insights that come through in a shamanic journey for you, we tune into what’s present for you now. Experience what working at the subconscious and spiritual level is like, every session is unique to the person and from here you can then decide how you’d like to continue to work together!


clinical | medical | transpersonal

Hypnotherapy is not a mystical practice. And hypnotherapists do not have “special powers”. In fact, hypnosis is a powerful tool that everyone can tap into and uncover the answers you already have inside your deep mind. My job is to help you rediscover your own power to heal yourself and find the solutions to your current challenges.


medical qigong | movement medicine

White Tiger Qi Gong is based on ancient Daoist practices over 5000 years old. It is an integrated system of the wisdoms of Classical Chinese Medicine combined with modern day Western applied sciences. Move with intention, align your body, breath, and spirit to promote healing, transformation and the realisation of your ultimate potential.

Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra

Functional yoga | Movement medicine

My style of yoga is a contemplative movement practice with a strong emphasis on the healing power of Yoga Nidra. It’s all about taking time to connect with your mind and body. Taking a functional approach to yin yoga and inviting you on an inwards journey, tuning into what your body- mind – spirit is communicating with you. Allow yourself to flow and see what emerges.

Flight of the Phoenix Program

coaching | education | healing

One to one work journeying through the medicine wheel. Be prepared to confront your fears, blockages that are in your way now and readying yourself to clear the path and towards self actualisation. The future is now, step onto a path to change, structured coaching and healing sessions over a transformational 12 week journey to birth a new you.


please inquire

Currently based in Sydney, note that all sessions can be done remotely via Zoom (which is compliant with the US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA to protect sensitive patient data protection. Remote sessions are as effective as in person as energy work is beyond the limitations of time and space.

All services can also be held in the privacy of your own home (group sessions and workshops are welcome, please inquire. An additional cost for transport and travel time may apply. 

Now is your time to let go of all that no longer serves you.

Choose a life with purpose, choose living life more purposefully.


cathy sit white tiger qigong workshop

Cultivate Sprint Qi

intro to white tiger qigong | food energetics + meal

November 1st in Byron Bay
9:00am – 12:00 QiGong
12:00 Lunch and Food Energetics Talk
Hobo Homestead 52-54 Kingsley St., Byron

Intro to 5 animal qigong | tiger hunts for food | monkey picks fruit | bear shakes off its paws | food energetics embracing the elements of metal, wood and earth

Investment : $130 per person, includes lunch
5 Animals is from a Medical QiGong lineage.
Come dressed to move and be in the sun. 

cathy sit snake qigong

5 Elements QiGong Workshop

5 elements qigong | food energetics + meal

November 7th and 8th
9:00am – 12:00 QiGong 
12:00 Lunch and Food Energetics Talk
177 Huonbrook Rd, Byron

5 element qigong | dragon, leopard, tiger, crane, snake | meridian qigong | standing + dynamic qigong
food energetics talk + light lunch

Investment : $130 per person (Each day) includes lunch
Come for both days (all 5 forms) or just one!
Come dressed to move and be in the sun.

shamanic healing

Shamanic Healing Weekend

2 healers + 1 client = deep healing

November 14th / 15th
Mullimbimby, NSW
43b Stuart St.
Multi-practitioner healing

Healing sessions are fully guided by spirit, come with intention, be open and trust in the medicine that will come through for you.

Suggested minimum energy exchange of $100
Limited number of sessions available, please book in. Be open to what arises, Spirit will guide the way.

Shamanic Medicine Retreat

medicine for the soul | shamanic healing

January 28th – 31st
Stony Creek, NSW (tentative)
3 nights / 4 day of Shamanic Workshops
& multi practitioner healing

drum journey | sound healing | forest bathing qigong| dance medicine | crafting | natural medicine
multiple practitioner shamanic healing

Group healings facilitate bigger shifts and changes.
Experience medicine offerings, eat well, heal well. 
Details to come.

Past Events
modern medicine women retreat byron bay

Modern Medicine Women Retreat

Awakening the Priestess Within | Full Moon in Pisces

August 28th – 31st (3d/3n)
Hobo Homestead Barefoot Retreat – Byron Bay

Womens Circle | Shamanic Journey | Crystal Medicine | Past Life Exploration | Qi Gong | Aromatherapy | Breathwork | Feminine Cycle | Plenty of Free Time to indulge in the beautiful Byron Bay and more!

$500 includes: All Workshops and Experiences, One Private Reading, 3 Nights Accommodation, One Daily Meal + hand picked Lemurian Crystal

$350 for non-residential package (no accommodation)

cathy sit sri lanka teacher training

Yin Yoga Meridians TT

100 hours teacher training

December 2nd- 13th 
Rukgala Retreat – Sri Lanka

5 Elements White Tiger QiGong Practice | Experiential Yoga Nidra in Multiple Lineages | Yoga Nidra Workshop | Available One-to-One Reiki & Hypnotherapy Sessions to Support the Teacher Training Journey

Guest Teaching and Resident Therapist in Collaboration with Annie Au.
Check out for more information and bookings.

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cathy sit snake qigong
cathy sit change coach life coach
cathy sit change coach life coach
cathy sit change coach life coach
cathy sit change coach life coach

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