Medicine Woman
Healer & Coach



I practice movement, mind and energy medicine and am a certified and accredited practitioner of several disciplines ...

But I prefer to think of myself as an explorer of life, a seeker of truth.

I help people navigate life roadblocks and live with more conscious awareness in life, all the while being guided and connected with Spirit. My soul purpose is to facilitate people’s remembrance of their true nature, their ‘magick’ & essence and authentic expression in this world. I want to guide people back to connection and their power & truth, to live freely and fully with a sense of belonging & purpose. I’m here to remind you to slow down for connection, to connect back to your inner nature, to all of Nature and its cyclic wisdoms.

I still struggle with how to describe exactly what I do, I toy with different titles and mottos, I change my mind weekly on what my ‘offerings’ are. My intention is simply to light the way for others, to show people to practice self love, self acceptance, self healing, you are perfectly imperfect! I've learned to trust that my journey of personal mastery is ongoing, and right here right now this is my authentic expression.

When you accept yourself

The whole world accepts you

Born and raised in Montreal Canada, I started an adventure of a lifetime when I left to work in the Abu Dhabi in 2010 for what I thought would just be a couple of years. My adventurous soul called me to explore, 10 years seemed to pass in a heartbeat. I lived in the Middle East and Europe with an insatiable wanderlust. But it’s been a journey that is so much more than the upteenth country I was visiting or the upteenth time I had to move homes. I didn’t realise when I left Canada I was actually following a calling – It has been a journey to self-awareness, healing...

I can now see this journey for what it really is – the path to connect to my authentic self. I learned what self acceptance and having the power to create change in my own life meant.

After years of working in a demanding corporate job, juggling work, studies, family and relationships, I often found myself questioning why I was doing what I was doing, wondering if there wasn't more to all of this, if I was missing some bigger purpose. Unsettled by watching those around me live without flow, struggling to find their balance, happiness and health. Most of all, I saw this distress, imbalance and pain in my family half the world away. The cherry on top was that I also saw this imbalance in myself. Although I seemed to have it all, it seemed to feel like a beautiful facade that was so good this must be it – yet so unfulfilling this must not be it!

Yoga teacher training was my first gate leading to exploring myself. Pretty soon, it was more like a floodgate had opened, propelling me forward to this quest now to figure out “who am i?” It’s been an incredulous healing journey, while training in the arts of Shamanic Healing, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Yoga and QiGong. As I healed, I became more aware and I went deeper… as I healed more I became more aware and went even deeper.

I saw old patterns, belief systems fall away. My loss of friends were painful times of showing me how relationships also come and go. Only after a decade away from home did it even dawn on me how unhealed my relationship with my father was, and thus my limiting beliefs of the Masculine energy that played out in unhealthy ways. I was also unconsciously bearing a lot of responsibility which was pervasive in all areas of my life, resulting in my perfectionist, put together, strong willed but sometimes highly strung persona.

My healing journey continues to unmask this persona. It can feel raw like unraveling a fresh and freed layer underneath but it’s not even a new me, it’s just a more real and authentic me! Consistent shifts then became significant, momentous changes. Life as I am and as I live now, resembles nothing like where I was a few short years ago. I saw the stories I was living in, and decided I was free to write my story as I chose!

My approach to healing + coaching is Spirit-led.
Work with me if you want to :

Some people are sleeping even when they're awake

Be aware of the dream you're in

“Whether you realise it or not, we are all dreaming the world into being, although most people have lost the ability to guide the dream, and are, as a result, at the mercy of the collective nightmare” - Alberto Villoldo

This isn’t the dream that happens only at night, but how we individually and collectively have created the reality we live in. I’d been asleep a long time, forgetting who I am, weakened by distraction, materialism and nice things. My illusion was if I was “good enough” I’d know what Love is. The dream was so convincing to just follow the program. It seemed a light was switched on and the real meaning of what Life is all about - had all been kept a secret and only those who looked hard would know otherwise.

I call upon you to lean into the depths and discoveries of your inner journey.. I dream with my eyes wide open. My own story of being a Medicine Woman is a lifelong one. It's a spiralling, wild and sometimes tempestuous journey leading me home to Self, Spirit and this beautiful Earth. I call upon YOU, the extraordinary and courageous people who desire to seek Truth. I can’t wait to know what your story is but moreover, what dreams you are going to dream into being.

Take the journey and see what arises!

As Above, So Below,
As Within, So Without,

As The Universe,

So The Soul.

Education and Qualifications

Member of International Institute of Complementary Therapies (IICT) 
Fellow of the International Board of Hypnotherapy (FIBH)
Certified Shamanic Healing Practitioner | OneTribe Shamanic Healing School
Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner & Health Coach | The FourWinds Society Light Body School
Certified Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist (CMS-CHt)
Certified Reiki & Seichim Master
Certified White Tiger QiGong Instructor | 5 Elements 8 Trigram, 5 Animals
Certified Yoga Teacher | Vinyasa, Yin, Pregnancy Yoga
Certified Total Yoga Nidra Teacher and Facilitator
Bachelors in Commerce, Finance & Accountancy 
Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, Canada)