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Do Business with Spirit



The new way of doing business...

Organisations reflect and manifest the mindset of the people and its leadership. But remember that we are all leaders of our life, we choose how to lead our circle of influence. This way of doing business, is doing it connected with spiritual practices, integrating our work and life so we truly can be whole and one. A conscious business is based on the harmony of the pillars of self awareness + self mastery, relationships and interactions, systems insight and collective responsibility.

Use business and personal strategies to help people transform, lead with integrity and authenticity and be connected to a sense of something greater. Through educational and experiential practices, we demystify spiritual jargon and practices, bringing clarity and perspective as to why we must do business (and life) with Spirit.

As you grow, your business grows

Business is a spiritual pursuit

Cathy has been a Chartered Professional Accountant since 2009, she’s worked 10+ years in a number of finance, strategy and transformation corporate roles in North America, Middle East and Europe. Cathy has always appreciated her vast and varied experiences, having led teams from 2 people to 180+ people, even having a C level job. It was in these intense and challenging career she began to look for a deeper fulfilment in life. Her last role was leading the business transformation team at a major international business ; in choosing instead to embark on her own transformation journey, she now helps others do the same.

QiGong Classes

QiGong can be taught in a group classroom environment, small groups and one to one. As with anything, you can greatly benefit from a regular and consistent qigong practice. Teaching and forms can vary from class to class but you can be sure to have an experiential practice in moving your body and your qi!

Please get in touch if you’d like to offer QiGong at your studio / clinic / office / health establishment or you are interested in private sessions. 


Conscious Business programs are intended to be customisable and structured around your leadership and organisational objectives. Programs can be short term and targeted, or as a longer term offering in your business. Start thinking now of whether your business and leadership strategies are still working… 

A customised programs is tailored around mindset meditations, workshops, movement and coaching. Base programs start from 30 days. 





Practical Applications & Benefits

Mobility is the strength and control over the ability to move through your joints’ range of motion. One of the keys to longevity in training is mobility, which is different than flexibility — although White Tiger movements will surely work on both. The dynamic forms are both strength demanding while having fluid and soft aspects at the same time.

Cleanse, massage and strengthening of your organs. Medical qi gong focuses on the meridian pathways, coiling and uncoiling of the body including the hands and feet to wring out meridians, squeezing out toxins, trauma even toxic emotions. Movements allow the ‘qi’ to go deep inside the organs and even the bones.

Prescription qi gong (i.e. a specifically tailored program) can be an effective complement to various medical issues or general body pains and aches. Using the fascia framework to assess students and appropriate qi gong exercises, prescription qi gong could be practical for things like chronic fatigue, hypertension, back pains, tight muscles, and even common ailments that result from sitting too much.

Qi gong helps to channel qi energy into a harmony of body, breath and spirit. Adding mindfulness and intention, specific breathing techniques and meditation not only handles your day to day stresses, but teaches you how to tap into your creative and self healing intelligence deep within. Exploring maximum human potential begins when we can have focused attention on changing the mind state.

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