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Energy Healing


About Energy Medicine

Everything is Energy

Energy medicine is a natural medicine, it does not belong to the West or the East. All medicine is actually energetic – energy medicine is the study and application of the body’s relationship to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields, as well as light, sound and other forms of energy. Just think of our modern medical tools like X-rays, MRIs, electrocardiograms, pacemakers... Even prescription drugs are working energetically by altering vibrations through chemical information that instruct cellular behavior.

Western or traditional medicine forms the basis of many of the world’s modern health systems; its key foundations include inquiry and examination of the physical body, its symptoms and then applying scientific, evidence- based diagnosis or treatment. Eastern medicine more often than not is called ‘complementary’ or ‘alternative’ medicine – yet it’s been around for thousands of years longer.

Everything probably could come down to physical and subtle energies – the measurable and not yet measurable, the seen and the not yet seen. Once upon a time, ‘science’ couldn’t see bacteria either, x-rays didn’t exist. A bit further back, we couldn’t prove Earth wasn’t flat. Certainly we understand that something not yet proven or easily perceived, does not mean it does not exist?

Why do we work at the energetic level?

Energy healing can simply mean we are working with the electromagnetic human field. A person’s energy should be strong and free flowing for the person to have vitality and good health! Think of energy as information that vibrates; Since energy is information, it informs. Fixing something in the energy structures can then “inform” and share this solution throughout the entirety of the body – physical and subtle.

cathy sit shamanic healer

Cathy is a Certified Shamanic Healing Practitioner of One Tribe Healing and a Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner + Health Coach graduate of The Light Body School. One Tribe is an accredited shamanic training school of 15+ years founded by Mark Steinward based in Australia.
Dr. Alberto Villoldo founded the Four Winds Society and Light Body school after training 10+ years with the jungle medicine people in South America and has authored many writings and teachings on shamanism. 

Cathy started her energy medicine training and certification as a Reiki & Seichim Master. She now works with Great Spirit to bring through whatever energy is needed. Trust in the process, trust that whatever comes up for you in your session is meant to be, and that ‘everything is energy’.


Shamanic Healing

What if we contemplated for a moment that we perceive as reality is just a mirror of our unconscious programs and beliefs? What we define as dis-ease, as health, what love means to us, what our values and life philosophies are… We can only understand and see the world through the lens of our eyes, and through the maps that we have to guide us.

The map is not the territory. We see things not as they are, but as we are. The Shamanic map has been forgotten. It comes loaded with misunderstanding, misconceptions, cultural connotations and esoteric mysteries.

But shamanism is in our blood with its origins all over the world. There probably wasn’t any hunter gatherer tribe that was not steeped in shamanic traditions! Only at the birth of the modern era, science, and favouring the advancement of technology have we forgotten the way we used to live in communion and reverence to Nature and Nature’s way. Even though people lived and breathed ‘shamanism’ for over hundreds and thousands of years –  more than 99% of our ancestry – modern civilisation as we know is probably our Great Forgetting.

We’ve forgotten how to live harmoniously as tribe, with our surroundings, with land. Now we might not even know who our neighbours are, what it means to honour land and follow Nature. We’ve forgotten how to value and appreciate Animals, how to follow the sun and the stars, give gratitude to the life that is given for our food. Most of all, we’ve forgotten that there is Spirit in all things. Spirit, Nature, we might call it Essence, Source, God, the Dao, Christ force, cosmic energy  – it is the named and the nameless.

Across all shamanic cultures, there are core beliefs and practices in common. This practice to me is more appropriately described as a way of life. Shamanism is the birthright of all human beings, it is the most direct path to connecting to something ‘greater’ and experiencing it yourself. I see what I see, I sense what I sense and it isn’t from any religious figurehead, sacred books, or dogmatic teachings. Shamanism is the direct revelation to me of the seen and unseen worlds, the ordinary and non-ordinary realities  – I just needed to remember the innate abilities in how to perceive them!

The Shamanic map and cosmology knows that Spirit is everything and in everything. This animistic belief means that objects, places, creatures all have a distinct spiritual essence, an energy, a vibration or frequency. For example, the essence and spirit of water, of trees, of crystals, of people around us, even words and intentions!

In a shamanic healing, we become “hollow bones”, a vessel to serve as a channel for the information, energy, insights and the healing that is coming through. It means we journey and connect to the unseen realms to perceive, then receive what we need to bring back to the client. Shamanism is needed now more than ever more, relevant for the times now as Man is influenced by so many external ‘authorities’ than that of his own. Man is disconnected from his true Self more than ever before, we are veiled from our true nature, to all of Nature and the teachings of cyclic wisdoms.

Working with shamanism, psychotherapy (and other medical care) can be a comprehensive way to integrate ancient wisdom in a therapeutic and sustainable way in our day to day lives. We’ve just been bogged down by outside influences, others’ voices are filling our minds and we’ve to learn to find our true voice free from corruption, harmful background programs and viruses running through our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Journey with me to discern your Truth and Self from the masks and personas you’ve taken on. I believe shamanic healing is a way of remembering our true nature and how to come home to a sense of self acceptance and love.

Practical Applications & Benefits

By working directly with your energy field which informs the rest of the body, we can work beyond just the physical and mental bodies. New information (re-progamming) can come in, remembering that energy is just information that vibrates. Bring yourself into higher, healthier vibrations. Many people can literally feel the difference and see how things can begin to shift at different levels.

Energy medicine works at soul level, perceiving patterns and causes of dis-ease that are beyond the comprehension of just the rational and logical mind. After all, the conscious mind can be as little as 10% of our capacity! The scientific world is still catching up to understand the true capabilities and subtleties of consciousness. Natural healing techniques have been around for as long as Man has.

Even though we may find ‘balance’ and ‘flow’ again, life can be a constant peeling of the onion.  Doing the “inner work” is how we can connect deeply with ourself, developing our self awareness, discernment and listening to the innate wisdom that we all have access to. When energy work is integrated well with our ordinary world, it can feel like taking your place of true belonging in the grand nature of the universe.

Shamanism is not a course

but a life journey

Hands on healing

Reiki & Seichim

Reiki & Seichim (or Sekhem) are both forms of hands on energy healing that is open to any belief system. A treatment includes laying on hands on the major energy centers of the body (fully clothed), energy will be directed and goes to where it is needed in order to achieve flow.


Reiki was rediscovered by Dr Mikao Usui in Japan in the 1920’s.  Reiki (pronounced ‘ray-key’)  / ‘ki’ means “Universal energy”, “life force”, or “vitality”. Reiki transmits the elemental energy of the Earth, seeking to balance the ‘earth’ in us across our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Seichim / Sekhem

Seichim (pronounced ‘say-keem’)  was rediscovered in Egypt in 1979 by Patrick Zeigler. Seichim is the Egyptian equivalent term for prana, qi or ki as used in the Orient to denote “life force”, it refers to the Sanskrit symbol that is “the power of powers”. This energy is said to vibrate the divine feminine energy, its frequency is of all four elements of Fire, Air Water, and Earth.

Practical Applications & Benefits

Reiki and Seichim supports medical procedures and practices and neither conflicts or interferes with corrective treatments. It works in harmony with other healing techniques and modalities, a natural healing system that supports traditional medicine. More and more it is a now a therapy one can find even in hospitals and has been integrated as several studies have shown the effectiveness of Reiki to accelerate healing across all levels of being.

Allows energy to be directed and naturally flow where needed to the body relieving energetic blockages and congestion. It is the congestion or stagnation of energy in the body that causes discomfort and dis-ease. Blockages can be very real and tangibly felt, but they can also be subtle and long standing.

Reiki is known to be a consistent method for relieving and reducing stress, tension and hypertension. It’s also been proven that Reiki will strengthen the immune system, overall helping the body to facilitate an environment for healing on all levels — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It can be preventative the deepening of tension in the body and mind.

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