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Meditation Journeys

Meet Your Spirit Guide to Assist You This Cycle

27 min. Step into your dream body, meet your spirit guide and journey to gather together in tribe to receive.

Incl.: Shamanic Journey, Verbal Guidance, Song, Toning, Chimes (September 7, 2021)

Full Moon Waterfall + Golden Rainbow Fire

29 min. Journey into water to cleanse, release and renew your spirit with the Golden Rainbow Fire (words by Tim Whild)

Incl.: Shamanic Journey, Verbal Guidance, Song, Toning, Rainstick, Chimes, Fire + Water medicine (August 24, 2021)

Receiving Abundance

28 min. Connect to the sacred land of your body, receive abundance from Spirit.

Incl.: Verbal Guidance, Yoga Nidra, Shruti instrument, Toning (August 10, 2021)

Connect with Your Spiritual Sun

28 min. Bringing down the sun rays of Sirius, our spiritual sun and deepening into trust, safety and compassion.

Incl.: Yoga Nidra, Verbal Guidance, Toning (July 20, 2021)

New Moon Manifestions

37 min. Planting seeds of manifestation on the night of the dark moon. 

Incl.: Yoga Nidra, Shamanic Journey, Verbal Guidance, Crystal Bowl, Rattle, Drum, Toning (May 11, 2021)

Connect with Your Inner Teacher

28 min. Connect to your inner teacher, your innate wisdom that always knows.

Incl.: Yoga Nidra, Verbal Guidance, Himalayan Bowls, Toning, Inner Wisdom (July 2020)

Intro to Meditation Journeys

24 min. Beginner instructions to begin meditation journeys, be in touch with all senses.

Incl.: Verbal Guidance (2021)

weekly on tuesdays

Join us for your next meditation journey...

Cat & Sarah are inviting you to weekly nourishment in an open circle of belonging. In these times of great change, we must continue to nurture and nourish ourselves and stay grounded in Love and Light.
Let the soundscapes of our voices, songs and sounds guide you on a journey.


Meeting ID: 841 9650 9168 Passcode: lemuria 
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