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The quieter we become, the more we can hear. Each of us are probably seeking ‘yoga’ — union with our Higher Self, with Source, with the Universe or however we might call the Greater Power… Yoga opened its doors to me, showing me a path to myself. My practice is my ‘me time’, one of the ways I choose to enter an altered state of consciousness and know that I am connected to something greater. Yoga is Presence itself, allowing me to experience peace at the deepest level of my being, allowing me just to be.

Some might think Yoga is the physical (asana) practice. Whilst it is an important part of the path, know that there’s so much more to uncover! Integrating other aspects such as meditation, pranayama (breathing techniques) have led me to experience greater understanding and acceptance of myself. Different aspects of yoga continue to be my teachers and inspire my life philosophies.

After discovering the gem of Yoga Nidra meditation, it remains a consistent part of my practice.

Within you is a sanctuary that

You can retreat to at anytime

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Cathy has had over 400 hours of yoga teacher training and is a certified Vinyasa, Yin and Yoga Nidra Teacher. She has traveled around the world to study with inspiring teachers including completing teacher trainings with Uma Dinsmore – Tuli, Jo Phee, Annie Au and Dr. Liz Lindh. Cathy has carefully curated her studies and yoga mentors based teaching philosophies and practices that she resonates deeply with.

Her main Yoga practice now is sharing the healing benefits of Yoga Nidra. She revels in delivering relaxing, rejunvenating and deep journeys while creatively using the soundscapes of her hypnotic and singing voice. Cathy’s Yoga Nidra is sure to weave in energy medicine for your total nourishment.

Yoga Nidra

The practice of Yoga Nidra is a great treasure, a state of being that promotes healing, insight, and empowerment. It can be a powerful relaxation technique that is restorative and allows us the opportunity, the permission to experience freedom and non doing. Although literally translated to ‘yogic sleep’, in fact it is not a sleep but an awakening. It welcomes you to completely relax, it is an experiential path to opening us to true authenticity, spontaneity, vulnerability, intimacy and the realization of our true Self.

There are a number of different approaches to Yoga Nidra and they can all be effective means to reconnect. This beautiful liminal space, the fine line between sleeping and awake, passive and awake. Yoga Nidra guides practitioners into the “hypnagogic state” – the threshold between Alpha and Theta brain waves – the edge where the body “sleeps” while the mind is lucid. The practice is a welcoming home to yourself, a practice one can truly retreat in and awaken to.

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This practice is about restoring our reverence and appreciation for Nidra Shakti, the Power of Rest! (Nidra = Sleep, Shakti = Power) This is the active ingredient in all forms and methods of the practice. Yoga Nidra and related wisdom practices are actually practiced globally. 

In borrowing the words of my teacher Uma Dinsmore Tuli and co-founder of the Yoga Nidra: “Reaching beyond India, experiences of yoganidra-like states of consciousness are connected to a global network of indigenous wisdom rituals and ceremonies that all use words and sounds to invite practitioners to inhabit liminal states of awareness, including lucid dream, conscious sleep and trance. 

Such practices include the Dreamtime practices of Aboriginal Australian peoples, the lucid dream techniques and meditations of the ‘dream warriors’ of the Mexican Toltec tradition, the healing dream incubation practices of Ancient Greece, and the ancestor-connection practices of African spirituality, including Egyptian dream work and Xhosa Sangoma trance work, amongst others.”

Practical Applications & Benefits

A full body relaxation where body + awareness scans can gently and easily calm the nervous system. In this day and age where there’s endless information and stimulation coming at us, we can become overwhelmed and unable to easily ‘relax’. Modern day life filled with Netflix, too much choice and life living us seems to make rest a long forgotten need. 

Yoga Nidra is for everyone and everyone can benefit. There’s no way that you can do it incorrectly, and the practice is encouraged to be done while lying down. For first timers to those versed in this or other practices, no experience is ever the same and the takeaways and benefits will vary from person to person, from practice to practice.

Many see Yoga Nidra as a pathway into yourself… as you relax and open into a safe space both physically and on more subtle layers and levels, one can drop into altered states of consciousness… There’s nothing to achieve but to be open to listening and then the welcoming of what arises.

An offering of the age old practice free from protected or promoted trademarked versions of Yoga Nidra, truly making it a universal practice. An authentic offering by personally understanding and cultivating the power of sleep / rest and the transmission of that energy through creative exploration of language, voice and sounds.

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