The Dao is the Philosophy of Flow



White Tiger Qi Gong is an integrated system that connects ancient wisdoms to modern science.

Qi gong generally refers to ancient Chinese system of body postures and movements, breathing exercises and mental concentration. ‘Qi’ is a concept from traditional Chinese culture roughly meaning ‘vital energy’. Some may compare this with ‘prana’ from yogic philosophies, or simply the ‘life force energy’. One literal translation of qi gong is where Qi=energy and Gong=refined/skill or work. In essence, qi gong is about cultivating our life force energy for healing and personal development.

Live with body, breath & spirit as one.

Cultivate your life force energy.

snake qigong

Cathy is a White Tiger Qi Gong Instructor teaching 8 Trigrams Organ Qi Gong and 5 Elements Qi Gong. She studied with Master Tevia, Instructor and Founder of White Tiger Qi Gong who has practiced martial arts, qi gong and meditation from the age of 7. Cathy is privileged and humbled to be a part of White Tiger’s mission to revolutionise the way the world understands Qi Gong, transforming it to a global phenomena. 

“If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self transformation."

– Lao Tzu


White Tiger Qi Gong is from the Laozi Daoist lineage of qi gong, a form that includes a balance of sitting, standing and dynamic qi gong. 5000 years old traditions based on the science of human potential and development are distilled into White Tiger’s well thought out dynamic medical qi gong practice. Medical qi gong promotes a multitude of benefits ranging from the physical such as stretching & strengthening muscles, tendons & joints and structural alignment — to the more holistic side of emotional and mental health. This integrated system welcomes body and mind detoxification while aspiring for healing, spiritual development and exploring the limits of human potential.

White Tiger Qi Gong is based on the fundamental practices of the classic Chinese text of I- Ching. The practice, much like an analogy to life itself… is about the study and science of the natural universe — how to navigate the ebbs and flows of life. As my Master says, “one thing is certain: there is constant change happening. Those who embrace the changed and adapt accordingly will be successful in all endeavours.” So in practical terms and every day life, this can mean that understanding change and our body needs in a moment, can then allow us to bring balance to our practice. In a similar way, having awareness of where we are and what change is needed in life, can then allow us to bring in harmony and welcome balancing actions. The science of the patterns of nature tell us there is balance — yin and yang make a whole, there is connection in all things…


Meridian Medical Qigong exercises are designed to open up the meridian channels. This set of exercises are designed to open meridian pathways, a great foundation or warm – up before any Medical Qigong or Qigong practice. Each exercise stretches and moves the Qi through one or more meridian pathway away, helping to increase your flexibility, strength, and balance.


A smoothing flowing qi gong form embodying the water element in its fluidity and seamless transitions from one exercise to the next. 8 trigram qi gong allows a gentle, smooth massage of the organs focusing on the body’s core, spine and a deep wringing out of the arm meridians while using the strength of the legs in staying firmly rooted.


The 5 forms draw from the various elements of Chinese Medicine — water, metal, wood, earth and fire. These dynamic forms are associated with their respective organs, emotions and the practice embody the spirit of the animals. Each of the forms work on the meridians and related organs of the body while focusing on the inner emotional work and subtle energies of your whole being.


The 5 Animals Qigong includes the fierce and untamed tiger, the graceful deer, the steady and lumbering bear, the agile monkey and the flying crane. These forms were created by the renowned Chinese Medicine Doctor Huo Tuo over 2000 years ago. Although there are many 5 animal forms out there, not all are the same. This classical teaching that has been passed down is dynamic, deep and integrates meridians, acupuncture points, organs and bone qi.

Practical Applications & Benefits

Mobility is the strength and control over the ability to move through your joints’ range of motion. One of the keys to longevity in training is mobility, which is different than flexibility — although White Tiger movements will surely work on both. The dynamic forms are both strength demanding while having fluid and soft aspects at the same time.

Cleanse, massage and strengthening of your organs. Medical qi gong focuses on the meridian pathways, coiling and uncoiling of the body including the hands and feet to wring out meridians, squeezing out toxins, trauma even toxic emotions. Movements allow the ‘qi’ to go deep inside the organs and even the bones.

Prescription qi gong (i.e. a specifically tailored program) can be an effective complement to various medical issues or general body pains and aches. Using the fascia framework to assess students and appropriate qi gong exercises, prescription qi gong could be practical for things like chronic fatigue, hypertension, back pains, tight muscles, and even common ailments that result from sitting too much.

Qi gong helps to channel qi energy into a harmony of body, breath and spirit. Adding mindfulness and intention, specific breathing techniques and meditation not only handles your day to day stresses, but teaches you how to tap into your creative and self healing intelligence deep within. Exploring maximum human potential begins when we can have focused attention on changing the mind state.

Body Breath Spirit

In every type of Qigong the body, spirit, mind, and breath are synchronized to become one. Whether moving, standing or sitting, every exercise requires these 3 harmonies. When the body, spirit and breath become a unified one.

Teaching White Tiger QiGong

Return is the movement of the Dao. Yielding is the way of the Dao. All things are born of being. Being is born of non-being.

- Stanza 40, Dao De Jing